My new novella is now available, and just in time for Halloween!

Hey, hey! My new Paranormal Romance is now available on Kindle and Paperback! It will be available on NOOK next week! Woot! I’m super excited about this one. I hope you all will be too. Here it is: IN HER DREAMS.

Warning: This book is only for mature audiences. It’s super sexy/steamy, as well as a little spooky. Enjoy!!

Blurb: Anna Blake buys her first house after her grandmother dies, leaving her a sizable inheritance. Soon after, while making renovations to her new home, unexplained things begin to happen. She sees things in her mirrors that aren’t there. Objects fall or move on their own. The feeling of being watched. But nothing compares to the sexy dreams that haunt her every sleeping moment.

She hires her old high school beau, Dylan Cook, to help finish her renovations. He too, senses something’s not quite right with her house. He also knows something about the house’s history, which is unsettling to say the least. Dylan’s concern for Anna mounts as he notices she’s not acting like herself or sleeping well. He begs her to come stay with him to see if the house is affecting her. She accepts his invitation only to come back to a ransacked home and a message . . . GET RID OF HIM, OR I WILL.


Paperback: IN HER DREAMS

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