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PORTAL, my novella, will be FREE tomorrow and Monday!

I’ve decided to promote my little novella, PORTAL, by hosting a two day giveaway. If you haven’t already picked up this novella, do so in the next couple of days. IT’S FREE!

My Christian novella, PORTAL, will be FREE tomorrow and Monday! Spread the word and get your copy. (And don’t forget to leave a review.)


Writer’s block (Calvin & Hobbes)

I’m feeling a little ‘writer’s block’ at the moment. Thought this was appropriate.



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Trying to wake up my muse

I’m learning that my muse is very stubborn. At times, she will hit me left, right, and center with more ideas than I can write down. Other times, zzzzzzzz. I’ve gotten so many ideas for books I don’t think I could get them all written in the next ten years. Unfortunately, nothing is coming BUT the ideas. Absolutely no viable plot has formed for any of my new ideas. I feel like I’m floating in an ocean of words that are disconnected to the ideas I have.

Oh, my muse, why do you torment me so? I just want one solid plot to form so I can begin to write. Is that so much to ask? At this point I’d have to say, “Yes, it is.” Here’s hoping my muse wakes soon.