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Kroger’s Private Selection for Parties

I’m a BzzAgent as well as an author so from time to time I will blog about products I’ve gotten to try for free compliments of BzzAgent and the company of the product I’ve tried–in this case, Kroger.

I tried the new Private Selection coffee, olives, crackers, deli cheese, pasta sauce and greek yogurt. Here’s my take on them…

The coffee was the Peruvian Blend and a little too strong for my taste. It left a bit of an after-taste as well, always a turn-off for me. My husband loved it though.

The olives were stuffed with jalepenos and were very good. I was impressed, as was my family. I put them in a veggie tray and served them over Thanksgiving.

The crackers were good, but nothing special.

The cheese was Buffalo Monterey Jack. It was different, but in a good way. I also served it, in strips, at Thanksgiving to the family. They were all pretty impressed.

The pasta sauce was not impressive at all. I was hugely disappointed as I use lots of pasta.

The greek yogurt was a little pricey but I went ahead and got one. It was okay, nothing special and definitely a little steep as far as price. I probably won’t buy this product again.

All in all, I liked the products but I don’t know if I’d have bought them without the free coupons. I’m not sure any of them were good enough for me to buy again.